The Last Sword Maker Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Last Sword Maker is a novel from Brian Nelson that showcases the world as we have always known it changing. This though is because of something that may hit very close to home for some readers currently. An outbreak has led to thousands of deaths in Tibet is a rumor that keeps being whispered about. This disease can kill in minutes and the Chinese government is trying to keep it from being discovered.

Tibet is locked down and in America, Admiral James Curtiss has called an emergency meeting at the Pentagon that has images that prove a terrible genocide is taking place. Beyond that they have a spy who has proof that this isn’t truly a disease, but is actually a weapons test. This weapon focuses on a person’s genetic traits and is able to kill them. This though is just the start of what the Chinese government has planned. A graduate student Eric Hill might be the best person to help them beat China to the breakthrough known as “Replication.” As China and the United States fight to reach their goals, Hill and his colleague Jane Hunter wind up caught in the middle and with a creation that will be even more powerful than they imagined.

Nelson’s book highlights the frightening idea that the future will be fought through genetic weapons. As someone who loves technological thrillers and also was a huge fan of the Serial Box Orphan Black sequel, which also included a weapon like this, I was very excited to read this book. Now The Last Sword Maker is a very thick work, but it is such a fast paced read that once you start you will completely forget the size of the book, except maybe if your arms get tired from not wanting to put it down. This is a particularly eerie read with the threat of Covid-19 still present in the world. You will find yourself immersed into the frighting fight to the finish that unfolds in the pages of this book. You can get your copy of The Last Sword Maker today.

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