Line of Blood Book Review from @kleffnotes

Line of Blood: Uncovering a Secret Legacy of Mobsters, Money and Murder is a book that came from the discovery of a newspaper article. Jana Marcus, award-winning photographer and author, found an article about a murdered mobster from the 1940s that was tucked away in a drawer in her grandmother’s home. This led to quest to uncover the history and the solution to the mystery in the article she found.

This search led her to fall into the deep origins of her family’s Jewish immigrant roots, high levels of corruption in the New York justice system, and seedy underworld gambling and racketeering. Line of Blood examines the compelling and complex investigation that Marcus went on with the help of a retired NYPD detective, a crime scene psychic, and a number of other characters who would prove crucial to her search for information. In her attempt to uncover information about her family she ultimately uncovered shocking secrets that tied into the larger history of New York itself.

This is the type of true crime read that armchair detectives and those who have done their own work to try and assist with crime solving will love. The journey Marcus goes on with her readers shows a tremendous amount of dedication to trying to solve this particular mystery, while also learning more about her family. Early in the book she lauds her father as being an exceptional storyteller and as a writer Marcus shows that influence by crafting a great read. Her relationship with her Grandmother is also shown as being a very curious one with their relationship sometimes involving very contentious moments, but without that relationship this story would ultimately not exist. I really enjoyed this book and found the story to be engaging, with the investigation really drawing me in. You can get your copy of Line of Blood today.

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