Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me Review from @kleffnotes

Freddy Riley is really into her girlfriend Laura Dean, but she really wishes that Laura would stop breaking up with her. While she might love Laura she constantly finds herself on the receiving end of a break up with no real reason for why they are breaking up. No matter how many times it seems to happen, Freddy always finds herself going back to this relationship whenever Laura wants to get back together. In Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me this relationship is Freddy’s focus, but there is so much more happening around her that she will need to pay attention to.

In an attempt to find a way to deal with her feelings for Laura, but also the constant heartbreak that is dating such a mercurial person, Freddy writes to an advice column, which flows through the story as a sort of internal monologue for her. As she tries to figure out what to do, Freddy will find herself getting back together with Laura Dean, trying to figure out if Laura really does have feelings for her, and coping with the fact that her focus on Laura has led her to slowly isolate herself from the people she loves, particularly her friends. With the constant off and on nature of the relationship with Laura, Freddy will find herself hanging out solely with her friends and then wanting to just be with Laura. As she tries to figure out how to stop Laura’s sway on her she also meets new friends, in particular one named Vi, who is open to her talking about whatever she might need to.

Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me does focus on Freddy and her work to get out of the unhealthy relationship she has with Laura, there are so many powerful stories happening around her. Doodle, her best friend, is constantly sidelined by Freddy whenever Laura wants to hang out with her, and during this time something major happens that pushes Freddy to understand why she can’t completely ignore her friends, who care about her in a way Laura doesn’t. Beyond that there is also a minor plot involving two of Freddy’s friends who are in a relationship, but can’t always be seen together. The story has a diverse cast of characters with great BIPOC representation as well as male characters who embrace feminine traits and female characters who represent diverse body types. The characters are also primarily queer, which made me so happy. I loved this book so much an Mariko Tamaki has written something very powerful, which is supplements by the great art of Rosemary Valero-O’Connell. You can get  your copy of Laura Dean Keeps Breaking Up With Me today.

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