Act of Revenge Book Review from @kleffnotes

Act of Revenge is the third book in the Doc Brady series by John Bishop MD. This series follows Doc Brady as he finds himself involved in events that have him in the thick of a mystery. Doc Brady will again return to investigating when a colleague finds himself being accused of murder.

Lou Edwards is a plastic surgeon who finds himself contending with two issues that wind up being very connected. The first is that his wife has lupus, which may be due to silicone breast implants that he actually inserted. Beyond that his malpractice insurance has been cancelled, though he is not the only plastic surgeon having this issue. The company that provides insurance to a number of plastic surgeons has cancelled their insurance due to rising issues with breast implants. During a national TV event, Edwards threatens the president of this insurance company and is then shocked to learn he has been found dead. Doc Brady is asked to look into the events and try and prove his colleague innocent, but it may not be as simple as he had hoped it would be.

Bishop as always knows how to create an interesting read, which always includes some twists and turns. He works to keep his readers on their toes and his ability to blend together his medical knowledge with the mystery genre is well done. Doc Brady is a strong main character and following his work throughout the story makes you want to keep reading. if you are looking for are read that will keep you guessing and leave you surprised you should check out this book. You can get your copy of Act of Revenge today.

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