A Palm Beach Scandal Book Review from @kleffnotes

Susannah Marren’s latest release, A Palm Beach Scandal, will be out on September 15th of this year. This is the second novel in her Palm Beach focused novels and the focus in this book is on a family that finds themselves rocked by a surprise that causes them to have to reevaluate their lives. This book will pull you in and keep you focused on this family, especially the sisters until the very end.

The Cutlers are seemingly the perfect Palm Beach family. Veronica and Simon have two wonderful adult daughters, Elodie and Aubrey. The sisters may be completely different, but they are tremendously dedicated and loyal to each other. Elodie is shocked to learn she cannot have children, but her sister steps up and while she has never wanted to marry or have children, she will help her sister. While their mother warns that she shouldn’t agree to carry a child for Elodie, Aubrey goes forward with the plan. This then unearths a deeply buried secret that will change everyting for the Cutlers.

Susannah Marren, the pen name for Susan Shapiro Barash, has written a great deal of nonfiction focused on women’s issues and this series is something that takes her knowledge and allows her to craft it into something that is full of secrets and surprises. A Palm Beach Scandal is something that will draw readers who enjoy Lifetime movies, especially those focused on families, and you will be shocked by the story she has crafted for this family. You can pre-order your copy of A Palm Beach Scandal today.

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