Standout Performance: #GH ‘s Laura Wright & Chloe Lanier – Carly Confronts Nelle for Kidnapping Wiley @lldubs via @stacyamiller85 @GeneralHospital #GeneralHospital #ChloeLanier

Actors Laura Wright and Chloe Lanier offered General Hospital viewers standout performances in the episode that aired on Thursday, August 27, 2020.

This article contains spoilers so if you haven’t seen the General Hospital episodes that aired on Thursday, August 27, 2020 and Friday, August 28, 2020, please do not continue reading.

Ever since Hurricane Nelle (Chloe Lanier) blew into Port Charles, she’s wrecked havoc and left destruction in her wake. Especially for the Corinthos and Quartermaine families, in particular Michael (Chad Duell) and Carly (Laura Wright). But Nelle’s latest acts (kidnapping Wiley and attacking Brook Lynn) would have deadly consequences.

A tracking device Nelle placed in Wiley’s favorite toy helped Michael find his son. He tried to reason with her, ensuring he’d do everything in his power to guarantee she’d have a place in Wiley’s life. When this failed, Michael pulled out the “son of a mobster card” saying he’d let his dad (Sonny) “handle it.” Michael reminded Nelle due to the serious nature of her crimes once she returned to Pentonville Sonny could get to her.

Nelle immediately hightailed out of the cabin, technically running for her life. Then Carly arrived. After learning grandson Wiley was safe, she took off after Nelle.

The women had an epic confrontation where Carly said she believed Nelle loved Wiley but continue to sabotage her life because she couldn’t allow herself to be happy. Carly urged Nelle to do the right thing for her son and turn herself into the police.

However, Nelle chose to run off and ended up hanging over a cliff. She pleaded with Carly to help her. Briefly hestitating, Carly reach for Nelle’s hand to pull her up. But she slipped from Carly’s grasp and plummeted to her (presumed) death.

When Jax (Ingo Radmacher) arrived, he encouraged Carly against full disclosure worried it would appear as though she pushed Nelle off the cliff. Carly reluctantly agreed to the cover-up (which everyone knows never turns out well).

Daytime Emmy Winners Wright and Lanier stripped the meat to the bare bones in their scenes. These ladies are acting pros. You could hear Carly’s sympathy for Nelle in Laura Wright’s delivery of the lines. While Lanier displayed an inch of Nelle’s desperation and vulnerability as she accused Carly of not taking care of her as a sister (since they shared the same dad in Frank Benson).

Nelle’s resentment of Carly lead to her downfall. But is this really the end of Nelle?

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