Born Under Gaslight Book Review from @kleffnotes

Cindy Collins’ shares her story of struggling in silence for years as the someone who should love her completely constantly gaslighted her. Born Under Gaslight was written in in the hopes of offering comfort to other victims and encouraging them to go through the necessary processes to find healing. Her book is a completely open discussion of her life, which includes abuse and cruelty that she had to survive.

Collins’ mother presented a perfect life to the world, acting as a loving mother and seemingly perfect wife. While doing this she was constantly gaslighting her own daughter, who was sexually abused by multiple family members, while also dealing with cruelty and feelings of abandonment. With her mother constantly crafting a perfect outward image of the family no one ever realized terrible things were happening to Collins and there was no way for her to stand up to her abusers. Later in life she would be diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and when she found help, both with her past trauma and her new diagnosis, she has found herself constantly having new experiences and adventures.

Born Under Gaslight is a story that showcases Collins’ growth and ability to make her way out of an abusive past and how she came to the point in her life where she could live easier. She discusses having been born into abuse and then finding herself living homeless, later dealing drugs, and ultimately recovering through dialectic behavioral therapy. Collins has given readers such a deep glimpse into her life that they are able to fully connect with her and see her growth. This is a story of power and finding a way to help yourself. You can get your copy of Born Under Gaslight today.

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