Knight in Paper Armor Book Review from @kleffnotes

Billy has lived his life in the laboratories of Thorne Century, which in this futuristic world, is the conglomerate that controls everything. This megacorporation dominates American society and Billy is trapped. Knight in Paper Armor follows Billy as he is transferred to a new location, which leads him to meet a new person who he will connect with unexpectedly.

Heaven’s Hole is an industrial town built inside a crater, which is not something you would expect to be turned into some sort of living environment. The population is poverty-stricken and while they are trying to make their way through their lives with the nightmarish working conditions of the local factory. Natalia lives there and takes care of her ailing mother, grandmother, and her two younger brothers. Like Billy she wants to be able to leave this town, but she knows she can’t leave her family behind. Billy takes in the energy of those around him in the form of emotions, dreams, and traumas and because of this he longs to be able to leave Thorne Century and use his powers to help others.. When he meets Natalia shockwaves are found and the two find themselves fighting against Thorne Century. During all of this Billy is having frightening visions of an apocalyptic future.

This futuristic read is something that sci-fi and YA readers will love. The connection between Billy and Natalia is so strong and the power that comes from the two of them being together showcases the power people have for change. They want to save their world and those they love. I really enjoyed this book and found that the story reminded me of some of my favorite sort of dark future YA reads, like the Uglies series. You can pre-order your copy of Knight in Paper Armor today.

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