The Poison Factory Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Poison Factory: Operation Kamera is the debut novel form foemer CIA operations officer Lucy Kirk. She takes her expertise and personal knowledge to craft a thriller that will feel very real for her readers. This fiction work will immerse you immediately in the story of Decktora Raines and the international espionage she finds herself involved in.

Decktora is on leave from the CIA and trying to cope with the memories of the agent she lost and her disappeared life partner, Alex. Though she is not actively working as an agent, she is contacted, by a Russian defector she had previously worked with and she finds herself heading to London. Once she arrives she learns another defector has been murdered and that there are just two odd clues, claw marks and a strange white powder. With bodies continuing to appear the London police think that they might be dealing with a serial killer. Decky, the fun nickname for our main character, will have to push aside the memories plaguing her and try to stop whoever is killing her London contacts and just why they are committing these crimes.

Kirk takes her knowledge and crafts a story that is so captivating and creative. With her own knowledge of the CIA and the USSR, now Russia, she is able to create a thriller that feels so true. You will think this is something that actually happened and you will find yourself digging into the mystery with her main character. I was pulled in right away and completely engaged until the very end. If you are looking for a great read that will keep your brain buzzing this is the perfect read for you. You can get your copy of The Poison Factory: Operation Kamera today.

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