Dungeons & Dragons Beasts & Behemoths Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Young Adventurer’s Guides from Dungeons & Dragons is releasing a new addition titled Beasts & Behemoths. This new book focuses on the monsters within the series that extend from small beast to mighty behemoths. When you read you will learn how to survive against what can be a dangerous attack on your party.

If you haven’t seen any of my previous Young Adventurer’s reviews you might not know that while I love the concept of D&D I do not often play. I did previously have a campaign ages ago, but have not played since college. I though love learning about the lore and everything that has to do with D&D. It is one of those curious things in life that I just want to know more about. This new addition, Beasts & Behemoths is, much like previous volumes, a delight. The art is really what draws me to these books. Even if you know everything, or think you know everything, these books are all just beautiful to look at and are very immersive.

This book guides you through each beast from smallest to largest, which is a delightful way to experience the monsters that you could come in contact with. As the threats grow larger you are able to see them get bigger and bigger. If you are looking to learn more about D&D, no matter how old you are, or have been a fan of the franchise for years this is a read that you will very much enjoy. You can pre-order your copy of Beasts & Behemoths today.

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