The Proctor Hall Horror Book Review from @kleffnotes

Bill Thompson is releasing a brand new installment in his Bayou Hauntings series just in time for Halloween. With the release slated for October 1st I wanted to give our readers a chance to check out my thoughts in time to order their own copy of The Proctor Hall Horror. This spooky read takes you through a traditional ghost story that will having you jumping at bumps in the night.

The story begins in 1963 when a 14 year-old boy is found alone in Proctor Hall with the decapitated bodies of his family members on the couch. He is charged with murder and released decades after the crime. This though is not the only terrible tragedy to occur in Proctor Hall. After his release the once teenager who convicted of these terrible crimes returns to the home he lived in. A professor at a local university sends some students to learn more about what is now an abandoned home and the past it has, but during their investigation tragedy befalls them. After this event Landy and his crew are brought in and work to learn the truth of the what lurks in Proctor Hall.

The return of the familiar investigative team will be fun for previous fans of the series, but will also be a great introduction for new readers. While yes, this is the fifth book in the series those just finding it will still be able to connect and feel comfortable with these investigators and immediately like they are people you have known for far longer. Thompson has done a great job of taking a ghost story and fully immersing his reader in the story. You will want to keep reading and will find yourself reading late into the night, even though this book might keep you from sleeping after you’ve finished. If you are looking for a spooky read to ring in the Halloween season this is the book for you. You can get your copy of The Proctor Hall Horror tomorrow, October 1st.

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