Happy 20th Anniversary Gilmore Girls via @stacyamiller85 @GilmoreGirls @thelaurengraham @alexisbledel #GilmoreGirls #GilmoreGirls20

On Tuesday, October 5, 2000 at 8:00PM on The WB network, a new show about the relationship between a mother and daughter who were more like sisters premiered.  The show was called Gilmore Girls.

Lorelai (Lauren Graham) became pregnant with Rory (Alexis Bledel) when she was sixteen and left the home of her upper crust parents Richard and Emily Gilmore (Edward Herrmann and Kelly Bishop) in Hartford to raise her daughter in the small town of Stars Hollow. There, she made another family with the lovable (but quirky) members of the community.  Rory, an overachiever, attended the prestigious Chilton Academy and competed with Paris Geller (Liza Weil) for the top spot at the institution. At first enemies, Rory and Paris reached an understanding and became friends (and later college roommates at Yale).

The Gilmore Girls’ interactions with the townspeople and their various romantic relationships were explored throughout the series run. The famous ‘Best Rory Boyfriend’ debate still goes on as fans are either ‘Team Dean’, ‘Team Jess’ or ‘Team Logan’ (Jared Padalecki, Milo Ventimiglia, Matt Czuchry). And there are fans who wanted to see Lorlelai marry diner owner Luke Danes (Scott Patterson), who offered constantly emotional support to her (as well as a never ending supply of coffee).

Lorelai also became a successful businesswoman realizing her dream and opening The Dragonfly Inn.  When Gilmore Girls ended its seven year run on May 15, 2007, Rory, who held a longtime dream to become a foreign correspondent, was offered the opportunity to work as a political reporter on Barack Obama’s campaign

When Netflix announced plans to revive Gilmore Girls as a limited run series, fans cried tears of joy.  They were finally going back to Stars Hollow.  Gilmore Girls: A Year in Life aired in November 2016 with four episodes taking place during the seasons of the year. We got to see what Lorelai, Rory and the members of Stars Hollow have been up to.

You can find reviews of Gilmore Girls: A Year in Life here:





On this 20th anniversary of Gilmore Girls, thank you Lorelai and Rory for showing us the special love of a mother and daughter and the appreciation of coffee.

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