Creepy Kitchen: Skulls and Cheese Sandwiches from @kleffnotes

For Halloween this year I thought I would get back to doing some recipe articles. If you are new to The Nerdy Girl Express you might not know that I used to post recipes when iZombie was on the air, primarily during the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th seasons. These all focused on brain inspired things and since then I haven’t really posted recipes that I’ve done. I felt like trying some things out this month and thought I would share the things I try out. This first recipe, skulls and cheese sandwiches, is super easy and requires very few ingredients so even if you don’t cook very often this one is something you can throw together in less than 10 minutes.

For the ingredients I want to say that all of the amounts are based on how many sandwiches you personally want to make. To make any of these skulls and cheese sandwiches you will need eggs, cheese, english muffins, butter and hot sauce. For equipment you will need an oven or hot plate, one skillet, a skull shaped cookie cutter, a spatula, and a small knife. If you want to toast your english muffin you will also need a toaster.

Step one: put skillet on burner, add a pat of butter(1/2 to 1 TBS), set burner to a temperature between medium and low, and let that melt.

Step two: put skull cookie cutter in the center of the skillet.

Pictured: empty cookie cutter in middle of skillet with melted butter around it

Step three: crack your egg into the center of the cookie cutter

Pictured: uncooked egg in skull cookie cutter in middle of skillet

Step four: leave egg in cookie cutter untouched until the egg appears firm.

Pictured: mostly cooked egg in a skull cookie cutter sitting in a skillet

Step five: using spatula, carefully flip the cookie cutter with egg still inside it over so that other side of egg can cook. This should only need about a minute to cook more fully.

Step six: turn off your burner and then if you want your english muffin to be toasted put it in a toaster, if you do not want it to be toasted you can just put the english muffin on a plate.

Step seven: add some hot sauce, this is up to your discretion, to both halves of the english muffin

Step eight: put one piece of cheese on each half

Pictured: english muffin cut in half with the cheddar cheese slice on left half and hot sauce on right half

Step nine: using a knife, carefully go around the inner rim of the cookie cutter to loosen the egg. Once loosened use spatula to transfer the egg to your english muffin.

Pictured: english muffin cut in half with a slice of cheddar cheese on both halves and on the left half a skull shaped cooked egg is positioned in the middle of the cheese slice

Step ten: put your halves together and enjoy a delicious skull and cheese sandwich.

If you try this out let me know what you think of the recipe in the comments or over on Twitter, I’m @kleffnotes. I’d love to know if you have any Halloween recipes and if you want me to try them out I am definitely up for a challenge.


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