Some Halloween Reading Suggestions from @kleffnotes

I have some Halloween book reviews planned, but I also wanted to just share some quick suggestions for reads you can check out if you are looking for something a little spooky. I have reviewed some of these books in the past and others I thought would make for good reading, but didn’t think you needed a full review from me before you delved into reading it. I have some adult and some YA listed here so you can have a few options depending on what you prefer.

The first and second recommendations are actually authors and not just books. I have reviewed a number of things by both of these authors on The Nerdy Girl Express before and will provide links in case you want to check out those reviews. The first author is Darcy Coates, who has written a number of books that focus on haunted locations. Each of these hauntings is different, but each of them will suck you into a story tied to a physical place. I really enjoyed all of these books, but I specifically want to point out The Haunting of Blackwood House and The House Next Door. The other author I have only review two books for, but I think that both would make for great Halloween reads. Catherine Cavendish appears on the site for reviews of The Malan Witch and The Garden of Bewitchment. These are both really great horror reads and you can check out my reviews if you want more details.

For the first singular book suggestion is two books in one. If you love Hocus Pocus you need to check out the novelization because it not only includes the original movie novelization, but it includes a sequel. The sequel is so great and is almost better than the original. I say almost solely because the original is a movie and also a book and the sequel is currently only a book. The sequel focuses on Max and Allison’s daughter, who we learn likes girls and she has a crush! The teen romance being focuses on two girls made me so happy and beyond that we also get to learn more about Emily Binx and a bit about the childhoods of the Sanderson Sisters. I had read this on my phone last Halloween and this year I bought a copy because my wife Krista really wanted to read the sequel. I am definitely going to re-read it and think I want to make this a Halloween staple going forward.

I am a huge fan of short story books so for my final two suggestions I wanted to share ones that I felt fit perfectly into the Halloween reading theme. Slasher Girls & Monster Boys has some really great stories and one stuck with me way after I read it. There is a creepy bunny and while it has been a while and I can’t remember the specific story name, the fact that I can remember most of it still really says something. The other short story collection is Carniepunk is something I initially picked up because I had read other stories by Rachel Caine and saw her listed in the collected authors. Again it has been a bit since I read this anthology, but the carnival theme really got me in the Halloween mood. This connection is totally tied to Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes, which if you haven’t read you should check out this year.

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