Happy Halloween Scooby Doo Review from @kleffnotes

While out doing a little Halloween shopping Krista happened to see that a new Scooby Doo movie had released for Halloween. Every year I always make sure to watch two specific Scooby Doo movies already and with Bill Nye and Elvira as part of the new one we thought we should add it to our must watch list. Well, I can say that after all my years of Scooby watching, and there has been a lot of watching, this was by far the strangest Scooby Doo mystery I have ever seen.

This story starts with the gang trying to stop a Halloween parade being grand marshalled by Elvira from being attacked. When they unveil the first villain we learn that The Scarecrow, yes you read that right the Scarecrow who normally performs acts of villainy in Gotham, is behind a minor attack in Crystal Cove. After he is taken in by the Feds, which is how they are frequently referred to, Mysteries Inc thinks they have everything figured out. That is until Scooby and Shaggy find a pumpkin patch that appears to be full of radioactive and fear toxin fueled pumpkins that begin morphing into what they call jackal lanterns. These beasts seem to be controlled by a giant bulldog shaped pumpkin and if someone gets too close they become a pumpkin. Velma struggles with these monsters and as everything ramps up she tries to find a way to solve the ultimate mystery. Bill Nye is there to help Freddy and Velma with transportation after the Mystery Machine is damaged. As for Elvira, beyond being a grand marshal, she and Daphne establish a mentor and mentee relationship.

For fans of the live action version, Shaggy is voiced by Matthew Lilliard, which was a fun inclusion. He and Scooby are trying to get Velma to believe the monsters attacking them are real, but she is very insistent that these can’t be real. She at one point goes to her Sherlock-esque mind palace which Scooby and Shaggy wind up in as well after they share Scooby Snacks with her. Yes, sharing Scooby Snacks allows you to be transported into someone else’s mind. The Scarecrow also winds up helping the meddling kids who initially led to his capture. The story gets even wilder with Daphne trying to become Elvira, Freddy becoming a trap master, and Bill Nye even off camera teaches a kid about the inaccuracies of Aquaman’s appearance. While Krista and I were watching it felt like this was the sort of movie designed for adults in the sense that if you were slightly not sober it would have been remarkably humorous. We though were very sober and baffled by everything that happened. It just felt like an odd Scooby Doo inspired fever dream with characters doing bizarre things and nothing entirely making sense. The final moments involve Elvira revealing her hair is not a wig, but instead a creature that lives on her head. I would probably steer clear of this one, unless you have a drinking game in mind or just want background noise because of the franchise’s many creations this one is the strangest.


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