Thoughts on Some New Halloween Movies from @kleffnotes

I typically try and throw in one or two new movies for Halloween watching a year. This year there are a few movies that are either releasing this year or that I decided to track down after not watching them for a while. There are three movies, two newly released and one newly watched, that I recently watched that I wanted to discuss. I will share some thoughts later on about a couple more new watches, but you’ll have to wait for those.

The first movie I want to highlight is the new A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting movie on Netflix. I am a huge fan of cute-ish Halloween movies. I absolutely love the Halloweentown series, of which there are only three and I will keep saying that until the day I die, and I also really love watching certain Scooby Doo movies every year. This year when I saw the trailer for A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting it looked like something I would really enjoy. Krista and I hunkered down to watch it and I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I liked it. Kelly finds herself having to miss out on a huge high school party when she is forced by her mom to babysit for the Ice Queen, also known as her mom’s demanding boss. Kelly though is less than enthusiastic about this, not just because it means missing the party, but because she has her own experiences that have left her with the nickname Monster Girl. When she was little she insisted she was attacked by a monster and she has continued to create inventions that create light.

Her night with Jacob, the boss’ son, starts off with her learning he is terrified of the dark and sleeping because terrible things come to life when he does fall asleep. Much like Kelly we see something go after Jacob, but he isn’t as lucky as his babysitter was. When monsters steal him Kelly panics about finding him, what she doesn’t expect though is for someone to arrive with a baby. Liz is a babysitter and came based on a nightmare ping. The two go on the hunt for Jacob and we learn that the evil villain behind this plot is not new, but instead an old evil. The Grand Guignol had once attack Kelly and stole away Liz’s younger brother years ago. As they continue their hunt for Jacob evil plans are revealed and it turns out this is far more terrible than just a kidnapping. This is a fun watch that is definitely family friendly, also the only family friendly one in this article. The movie is based on a book series that if it had come out when I was younger I totally would have read them. If you are looking for a spooky movie to watch all together this is the perfect movie for the whole family.

The next one on this list is also a Netflix October release, The Babysitter: Killer Queen is the sequel to The Babysitter, which was a cool take on a horror movie. When I saw there was a sequel I went in with high hopes and I was very happy to see it lived up to my expectations. Set two years after the original Cole is coping with the aftermath of the satanic blood cult that he survived. No one believes that this cult actually existed and his parents are worried about him. When he learns they are going to send him away to a special psychiatric high school he decides to make a run for it. His friend Melanie convinces him to cut school with her and some of her friends. When one of them dies Cole is shocked to learn the blood cult is back and has added some new members. He’ll have to try and survive a second time, but this time he isn’t alone. Phoebe, a new transfer student, just so happens to be in the same place as Cole and it turns out they have more in common than they would have ever thought. The level of comedy in this movie is really what makes it. This one also has some great cut scenes that show characters in interesting situations, this includes a dance number that isn’t entirely a dance number. I was laughing out loud while watching this and as a sequel it really does a great job of creating a new story. There is definitely gore, but that is often combined with great one liners and just funny situations. If you are looking for a light horror The Babysitter: Killer Queen is a great choice.

My last movie in this list is by no ways new, but is new to me. I had never seen Ginger Snaps and this year I finally took the time to track it down. Since there were people from Orphan Black involved Krista and I decided to watch it together, which probably wasn’t our best plan. Not that watching it together was the issue, but as soon as the move started we both weren’t really into it. While the prospect of a werewolf was what intrigued me, the major issue were all of the dead dogs. Seriously there are just so many dead dogs and the cavalier attitude toward them just made the experience so much weirder. When Ginger does get attacked she starts turning into something truly terrible. Beyond the increased hair she become cruel and terrible toward her sister. I had really high hopes going into this movie and by the end I just really did not like it. We wound up watching Jennifer’s Body afterward just to sort of get the images of the movie out of our minds because it was rough.

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