Dreams of the Dying Book Review from @kleffnotes

Dreams of the Dying is the first book in the Enderal Trilogy, which released just yesterday. While this book is set in the universe of the indie role playing game Enderal readers are not required to have knowledge of the game beforehand. You will still be able to immerse yourself into the fantasy world of this story. Nicolas Lietzau has written a story that will allow readers to explore elements of trauma, mental illness, and the overarching idea of the human psyche. After his own experiences he became fascinated with dreams, nightmares, and the intricacies of the human mind. This book is something that will feel pitch perfect for reading right before Halloween.

The two main characters of this story Jaaros Oonis and Jespar Dal’Varek are presented as two very different seeming men. They though are far more similar than readers might initially expect. Jaaros is a magnate, visionary, and someone who is more focused on making things happen than on how that might make him feel. Jespar is instead a drifter, troubled veteran, and constantly avoids taking the time to think deeply. They cross paths when a strange invitation draws Jespar to a place called Kilay. When he falls into a mysterious coma, Jespar finds himself have to enter the man’s mind and uncover his deep secrets. This leads to a dangerous journey through disturbing dreams, political intrigue, and clashing ideals. Jespar’s own sanity is at risk as he continues on his journey to bring Jaaros out of his coma and prevent the catastrophe only he has the solution for.

Lietzau has taken fantasy, mystery, and elements of psychological horror and brought them together into a story that focuses on the mind. Through is two characters he is able to explore what truly lies inside us that we ourselves may not be able to understand. As you read you will see that the mind can be a dark and dangerous place where no one is safe. The postmodern element of this story will appeal to a number of readers and helps with the surrealism of what is being covered for the reader. You can get your copy of Dreams of the Dying today. Only digital versions are available at this time, but you will be able to get physical copies by roughly Mid-November of this year.

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