Screens Book Review from @kleffnotes

Have you ever been leery of the many screens in your life? Do you ever wonder if you are being listened to or even watched? Screens is a dark and eerie read that will reveal to readers sinister motives that they never may have expected. Before I delve into this I do want to say this will not release until January of 2021, but with Halloween and the eerie feel in the air this seemed like the perfect time to promote this read.

Set in the near future this story is a dark entry into the sci-fi genre that focuses on a manuscript that begins to appear online that reveals secrets that will astonish you. When it first appeared it was only on the dark web and was only able to be read if you could find one of the very few handwritten copies that existed. It mentioned a terrifying presence able to feed off of humanity through screens. The plan is to destroy all life on earth, but when information disappears from the internet and those who have knowledge begin dying or disappearing something must be done. Those who have survived are few and they try to share what they can with a secret collective known as The Network.

This story will have you have you looking at your screens out of the corner of your eye and wondering if something is coming for you. You will become part of the story and if you are like me and read this digitally this will lead you to be on edge as you keep going. You will have to push yourself to make it through, but you will want to know everything you can. Christopher Laine has done great job of creating a story that is both frightening and relatable to your daily life. You can pre-order your copy of Screens today.

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