Take a Break Today from @kleffnotes

I am writing this from the past, but thought that this would be a good day to focus on our readers taking some time for selfcare. No matter what has happened in recent hours or what will happen I want you to be able to give yourself a moment to breath. I know this comes from a point of privilege and there may be some people who do not have the luxury of not focusing on the world around them. I am not saying you should ignore anything, but take a moment at least to try and breath and refocus yourself.

One of my go to ways to relax is binge watching or at least watching one of my favorite episodes of one of my favorite series. My frequent go to is Bob’s Burgers. I can put any of the episodes on and just immerse myself for a little bit in the world surrounding the Belchers. I often pick a holiday episode, no matter the season Halloween is always a favorite. I also sometimes pick a random theme in order to craft some sort of playlist for myself. Another solid watch is Parks and Rec or I will sometimes dig into random animation. I have not yet done this, but I could see watching the animated Harley Quinn series as a way to destress.

Another thing that helps me to relax is putting on a familiar movie. When I am in a particularly stressed out mood I through on Fight Club and mutter along with the lines. Yes, I know this is more a pick in keeping with teen or early twenties age guys, but I would use it to relax a lot in grad school and even started reading lots of books by the author of the original book. I also sometimes throw on something with a little music, though animated movies aren’t always my destress go to. Rocky Horror Picture Show is a solid soundtrack and I can think of fun moments attached to it, including a live screening I went to with Krista and when we say the staged version in Columbus in full costume. We make a pretty solid Brad and Janet. Beyond those I have put in some 80’s and 90’s watches.

The final suggestion is to read, really anything that give you joy. I have some themed cookbooks that I want to look through and figure out some meal planning with. I also have a number of comics, mostly Harley related, that I have on my to read list as well. I am going to try and spend some time going through those and then delving into some backlogged fun read books that I have in a small pile in my office. If you can please take some time to focus on you and your needs, even if it is just briefly.

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