What a Girl to Do? Book Review from @kleffnotes

Author Kumari Kanchanji’s What a Girl to Do?: When Life Throws a Curveball is a thrilling read that focuses on one woman’s fight against a corrupt society. With a focus on a vendetta against a wealthy man who has wronged her family in his pursuit for his own gains. This dedicated reporter wants to take this man down to take back what has been taken from her.

A young female reporter has been forced to be a sex slave just to survive and seen her family live in complete poverty based on the actions of a man who has become a darling of the power-brokers in Delhi’s political sphere. Many have died in their attempts to bring this man to justice and reveal what he has done, but she feels compelled to take him down in any way she can. She wants justice and in her attempts to bring down this criminal empire she will have to risk her own life. Her quest for revenge has pushed her to take down this man who has caused her tremendous trauma. Will she survive this decision and will she be able to make her way out of what seems like a treacherous quagmire of dark and seedy business dealings.

This is a thrilling read that many readers will enjoy. It does touch on some very difficult topics and you should keep that in mind while you are reading. If you are looking for a strong female led story this is something that you should definitely seek out. It will keep you rooting for her as the story progresses and you will find yourself also wanting to see justice served. This is the story of someone fighting back and regaining what they have lost from those who have victimized them. You can get your copy of What a Girl to Do? today.


2 thoughts on “What a Girl to Do? Book Review from @kleffnotes

  1. Dear Katherine,
    Thanks for reviewing my novel, “What a Girl to Do When Life Throws a Curveball?” in the THENERDYGIRLEXPRESS.

    I would really appreciate it if you would be kind enough to put the same nice comments about my book on the AMAZON customer review page. For your convenience, the link is attached below for customer review.

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    Regards, Kumari Kanchanji


    1. While I am so grateful that you enjoyed the article I cannot post reviews on Amazon for books that were sent to me as they were not purchased books. Again I am glad you enjoyed the review!


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