On Traigh Lar Beach Book Review from @kleffnotes

Erica Winchat is a writer who finds herself trying to cope with the stress surrounding her first book contract. As she tries to work on the book she comes across thirteen items that have washed up on the shore of Traigh Lar Beach in Scotland. What evolves from this is an anthology of stories that focuses on examining the imagined backstory of each item in the pages of On Traigh Lar Beach.

The owner of each item comes from different countries and different walks of life, with each name drawn from a wildflower that grows on the beach where the items were found. Each story also includes a rendering of each flower to add a personal image to each story. While I would call this book a short story collection, the final item results in a novella titled “Fan Girls.” This story revolves around 4 girls who are fans of a Scottish rock band. With stories coming from the point of view of a child in New Orleans, a distraught young mother in Prince Edward Island, and an aging screen-star in New York City there are diverse ages and settings. There is a story for any reader and plenty of thought and imagination behind these character vignettes.

Each story is a brief look at someone’s life, excluding the novella that includes four points of view. These will leave you thinking about the story long after you finish and if you are a fan of short stories like I am, this is something you will appreciate. Each story is well crafted and offers readers something that they will feel transported by. I strongly recommend reading these stories in order and letting yourself become part of the journey of the main character as well as the characters she is creating. You can get your copy of On Traigh Lar Beach today.

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