Smoke and Mirrors: The Trueheart Book Review from @kleffnotes

Do you love worlds of magic and elements of urban fantasy? Smoke and Mirrors: The Trueheart is a read that those who are looking for a new take on using magic this is a read for you. Corbin was suddenly orphaned and following the death of his mother he learns that he can shapeshift. He flees in the form of a crow and stays in that form until he is taken in by Maxim Moritz Grobian who wants to train him after learning of his powerful shapeshifting skills. With a debt owed to him, Corbin is put on a quest that involves the estranged daughter of Maxim that has unexpected difficulties involved.

With Corbin set to bring Lorelei, Maxim’s daughter, back to New York he begins to understand that while she is the only with the power to wield something called the Heartstone, there is something about her that makes him want to stay away. Maxim had already insisted he should befriend Lorelei and even push her to fall in love with him, but he can barely stay near he. After what he learns his only desire is to run, even if that means that he fails Maxim. The Heartstone is seemingly key to protecting mages from the terrible Inquisitors that hunt them. It will allow them to take on what is believed to be their true role in society, but Corbin wonders if he can make it through this plan.

The relationship between Lorelei and Corbin is interesting, especially with him having some issues with her. He doesn’t know if he can trust her, but when they first meet she reveals herself to know more about him than even he knew. We meet other shifters and learn more about the world of magic that is encompassed in this series. This is a very well developed series with a focus on creating a very detailed magical background for the readers . There is so much to take in and if you are a fan of fantasy this will keep you hooked. Beyond that the relationship between Lorelei, who at a certain point is called Lori, and Corbin begins to evolve into something that shows his connection to her even though he felt a pressure to avoid her. You can get a copy of Smoke and Mirrors: The Trueheart today.

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