From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back Book Review from @kleffnotes

This year marks the 40th anniversary of The Empire Strike Back and in celebration From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back examines the film from new points of view. With 40 writers brought together in this anthology each story focuses on sharing new points of view from within the movie. For Star Wars fans this book will provide you with new ways to experience this beloved film.

The combination of stories in this book showcase not only well known characters, but also beings and droids that often aren’t in the forefront. Hank Green, who is listed prominently within the description of this book, and who is a very well known author and YouTuber has a story that looks at a naturalist on the plant Hoth who takes care of tauntauns. In connection to beings that we have not seen much of, until The Mandolorian that is, Marth Wells has a story focuses on the Ugnaughts who live in the depths of Cloud City. For a story more focused on characters that have more prominence in the films, Austin Walker has a story that shows two bounty hunters, Dengar and IG-88, building a tentative partnership in order to find Han Solo.

One of my favorites was titled “Rogue Two” and immediately had me chuckling. Zev Senesca is the protagonist of the story, but his insight into the feelings Han Solo has for Leia were great. He explains that everyone knows Solo likes her, but that the pilot somehow thinks he is keeping his feelings a secret. Zev has been given the title Rogue Two, which he carries with pride as Rogue One has been retired indefinitely after the sacrifices of those who used that call sign. With a rescue mission being thought out for Luke we get to see Zev interacting with the core three of the series, which was just so fun. He made for a great voice within the story.

Another story that stuck out to me was “Due on Batuu” by Rob Hart. This story allows Willrow, someone who works on Cloud City looking forward to his vacation time on Batuu. While I have not been to the new Disney area, I do know stories have been and are being written to pull Batuu into the larger Star Wars universe. The fact that the focus is wanting to get away made me smile. His plans though get derailed by the Empire, but the way he responds to everything showed a more average person’s response to things happening around them.

If you are a Star Wars fan this book is something you will definitely want to add to your shelves. There are so many more stories I haven’t mentioned and all of them add new perspectives and elements to the already established story of The Empire Strikes Back. I had a great time flipping through this pretty hefty book and picking stories at random to read, but you could also just read through it in chapter order. You can get your copy of From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back today. This book is also available in an audio format and if you prefer or would just like to hear some great narrators read you these stories you can find it as well.

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