Novel Advice Book Review from @kleffnotes

Novel Advice: Practical Wisdom for Your Favorite Literary Characters is a book that literature lovers will devour. Beyond that it is brought to you by someone who is well known for bringing classic literature into the modern day. Jay Bushman writes for a variety of media types, but I knew his work from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Welcome To Sandition. These interactive series were were a big part of my introduction to web series. These two series allowed viewers to interact with the characters across other platforms and allowed you to feel like you knew those characters in a personal way.

Novel Advice is told through Bushman’s alterego Aunt Antigone, the agony aunt, who gives advice to a variety of literary characters. This is a bit Dear Abby-esque, but the advice is designed for characters you know. Broken down into sections that focus on types of questions being presented to Aunt Antigone this is a delightful book that will give you a fun look into characters like Dr. Jekyll, Hester Prynne, Jane Eyre, and many more. I was elated to be able to review this and not only is the book just set up in a fun way, but it is also just a well edited work that helps to make this such an easy read.

If you are a fictional character your life can be hard and Aunt Antigone is trying to help those who come to her for advice work through issues that are arising for them in the master narrative. The letters are so well crafted and no matter what section you are in the tone of voice given in these letters is just so fun. The character writing in is identified in the Table of Contents, but the letters themselves have the fun made up names that you would expect in an advice column. Aunt Antigone give perfect advice that is also just so well written. I adored this book and with the holidays coming up if you know someone who loves modern takes on classic literature this would make a great gift. You can get your copy of Novel Advice: Practical Wisdom for Your Favorite Literary Characters today.

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