Some Star Wars Recipes to Keep You Warm at Night from @kleffnotes

This article draws very heavily from the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Cookbook, which I have been really enjoying. After buying the book Krista and I bookmarked some recipes to try out and while we still haven’t been able to experience The Black Spire Outpost ourselves we wanted to try out some of the things in the book. Many of these I don’t think are actually served at the park, but they were created in terms of in world eating. I recently tried two different recipes from the soups and stews section and thought I would share why I liked them and how I personalized them.

Now since this is Disney and Star Wars I don’t want to directly share the recipe since it is technically part of their book and I don’t want to cause any issues in terms of copywrite. I will though give the name of the recipe and I’ve provided a link for the book. What I will share is how I made this one my own in case you want to know what I did that gives it that special touch. You can find the book in a variety of places and you might even be able to find it at a discount since it has been out for a while. I thought many of the recipes were fun and worth trying out, especially since I haven’t been to Galaxy’s Edge yet and don’t have any personal food memories associated with it yet.

The first recipe of the two is the Mandalorian Stew. Now I followed this recipe more closely of the two, but I did still make some changes. I admittedly forgot to buy one of the spices, I didn’t have ginger and couldn’t even use ground because I was completely out. I just added a bit more of the two spices I did have. I also added in sort of a variety of vegetables. I didn’t include the chicken and instead added lots of extra potatoes. I also added parsnips, which I liked in it, but Krista, my wife, did not. She had only had parsnips one other time, also in a recipe from the book. We made the mashed chokeroot, which I liked, but she found a bit odd. I really think you could put in whatever vegetables that you want and I think it was actually really good without chicken. I don’t think you need it. I also had to sub out the couscous for just regular couscous and I added more than was called for to thicken it. This worked out because the chicken was not there to bulk up the stew.

The other recipe, Topato Soup I have made a couple times at this point and sort of tweaked every time to see what I thought. The first time I made it I did not include spinach, Krista hates it and she was excited by all the other elements of the soup. I added two more potatoes instead, the soup called for only one which surprised me. I then used a very spicy green salsa, hatch chili sauce to be precise, which made for a very spicy soup. I also had to use milk instead of cream because I had opened my cream for another recipe and it managed to expire. The soup the first time was so spicy I had multiple handfuls of shredded cheese, mozzarella to be exact, and it was perfect. The next time I made it I used guacamole salsa and added a hefty amount of green tabasco. I also added cheese again and it was so tasty. This is going to be a staple in our house because while it does dirty a lot of dishes, it is pretty easy and very tasty. Also very customizable so you could pretty much make it with what you have on hand as long as you have some salsa, broth, and potatoes.

We have made a couple others, I mentioned the chokeroot before, and I have plans to try out a few more. While I know not all of the recipes are what you could eat in the park they are pretty easy to throw together and I haven’t been let down yet. I will probably be including some other attempts at recipes going forward, but this is what I’ve tried so far.

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