Welcome to The Massive Star Wars Marathon from @kleffnotes

Today is the first day of 2021 and starting today Krista, my wife if you are a first time reader, and I are delving into what I am calling The Massive Star Wars Marathon. Now many people I am sure have done marathons of the nine movies that make up the prequels, original, and sequels trilogies, but that is not what we are doing. Oh no this one is so much bigger.

We have decided that starting today we will be watching everything that falls within the Star Wars timeline, both live action and animated. Krista found a timeline that breaks down how the timeline works for those watching the movies and the related series. I have included this timeline before in case you would like to see the visual layout. This is going to involve a lot of watching and that’s not all. We have plans for a massive celebration of Star Wars.

Beyond watching, we will be making and eating Star Wars themed foods. Some that we will make ourselves and some that we will buy. We admittedly have already done some prep and have things kind of stockpiled for the marathon. I have also done some testing of recipes from The Galaxy’s Edge Cookbook, which will help going forward. Beyond food we also have some drink plans, which should be interesting since I am not a skilled bartender or barista. There will also be lots of Star Wars games, vintage and new, card and board. No video games, we are both terrible at them.

The final element will be clothing, which we have already purchased and prepped. We will be wearing Star Wars themed clothes, some casual and some on the more cosplay side. 2020 was the year we had planned to go on our honeymoon to Disney and to Galaxy’s Edge so we will be bringing the idea of bounding to our marathon. We also have kind of a plethora of Star Wars casual clothes that we can bring out. January will primarily be devoted to just watching Star Wars, though we will probably be throwing in a handful of non-Star Wars things that we want to watch. This includes Batwoman and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina for sure, which will be easy to fit in.

During this marathon we want to keep people involved so there will be tweets on my account, @kleffnotes, and also on Instagram, kleffgoeverafter. I also have plans for articles documenting our watch and our thoughts. You are also more than welcome to watch along. We do have a watch plan, but these aren’t committed to specific dates. If you didn’t check out the visual, this is the watch plan:

Episode I

Episode II

The Clone Wars Series and Movie( in chronological order, we found a list online)

Episode III

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Star Wars: Rebels

Rogue One

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI

The Mandalorian

Star Wars: Resistance Season 1

Episode VII

Episode VIII

Star Wars: Resistance Season 2

Star Wars IX

You can find out more about this list on Collider. They do include shows that are not yet out, which we won’t be able to watch until they do come out. This though is our watching plan and we will be keep all of you involved as we delve into everything Star Wars. Make sure to keep an eye on @kleffnotes on Twitter and kleffgoeverafter on Instagram.

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