Primal Calling Book Review from @kleffnotes

Barry Eisenberg has a new thriller for the new year. Releasing on January 7th this debut novel ties into the idea of identity and secrets. This author’s first book, Primal Calling, is currently available for pre-order and is a great read to start off your year. Follow his main character, Jack Davies, as he finds himself questioning he has ever known after finding something in his attic.

Jack Davies is surprised when he finds his birth certificate, which has been kept from him his entire life. When he questions his mother about what he finds he learns that everything he has ever known about his birth is a lie. He fixates of finding out the true identity of his father, which will lead him to face death threats, family secrets, and kidnapping. With so many unanswered questions Jack will find himself in an even deeper mystery tied to national security and international intrigue. Every decision he makes seems to be tracked a sort of shadowy organization, who they are and who he can trust become vital elements of his quest for understanding ultimately who he is and who he will be.

This thriller is something that will keep you guessing as you follow Jack through his journey. Eisenberg has written a solid debut novel that showcases a character struggling to understand who he is and find out more about someone he never knew existed. With so much uncertainty for Jack the story will seem to go back remarkably quickly as you race to find out more as you read. If you are looking for a read full of intrigue to start your year this is a book you will want to check out. You can get your copy of Primal Calling on January 7th.


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