In Darkness, Shadows Breathe Book Review from @kleffnotes

Catherine Cavendish is a bit of a regular in my review articles. I have reviewed so many of her books that she has a small section that pops up when you search her name on the site. This new book, In Darkness, Shadows Breathe, of course had to be added to that list of reviews. if you are a fan of horror and the supernatural you are in for a treat this new year.

Carol and Nessa are strangers, but that won’t last long. Evil has been done in the walls of a luxury apartment and in a modern hospital and it continues to thrive. There is an entity that knows so boundaries and can cross any dimension, twisting time itself as it wishes. Danger lurks in every shadow and these two women will have to fight for their bodies and souls against something that blurs the very realm of nightmare and reality. Why have they been chosen and with the words of Lydia Warren Carmody haunting them, will they survive?

Cavendish, as always, has done a frighteningly good job with this story. She has crafted the supernatural with the lives of two women who you wouldn’t expect to meet. I found the story very engaging and I found myself peering into the shadows to see if something was lurking as I read. If you are a fan of horror and well written female protagonists then this is a read you will want to add to your start of the year to read list. You can get your copy of In Darkness, Shadows Breathe today.

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