Blood Will Have Blood Book Review from @kleffnotes

Blood Will Have Blood is the second novel by Thomas H. Carry and his previous book was named one of 100 indie novels in 2020 by Kirkus Review. It was also a bestseller in satire fiction on Amazon, which is a sign that readers have something to look forward to with this new work.

I had actually previously reviewed Privilege and shared that this was indeed a well done read. This new work focuses on another male protagonist, Scott Russo. Using Carry’s own experiences as an actor in New York City in the late ’80s knew that it would make for a great book at some point. Focusing on a struggling actor and pothead named Scott Russo the story follows him through a series of terrible jobs that he needs to maintain as he grows tired of being in terrible Off-Off Broadway productions. The only things keeping him from just going back home to Baltimore are the humiliation he would feel and the current gig he has, a terrible production of Macbeth. Scott decides to take a job from his friend to deliver pot and what he winds up in is a dangerous web of Irish gangsters, a psychopath, clueless actors, and ruthless prosecutors. The theater and this underworld collide in Macbeth, both on and off stage.

Scott Russo is the ideal vessel for this story, through him we get an unexpecting person’s reactions to things that are truly bizarre. That is the art of Carry’s writing. He knows how to add that sense of surprise and sort of strangeness that can happen when you find yourself out of your depth. You will be as surprised as the main character as the story unfolds. This read is as well done as his previous and if you enjoyed Privilege then you very definitely need to read this new book. Even if you haven’t read his first novel this new story will intrigue and delight you. You can find out more about the authors books on his website.

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