I Can See Clearly from @kleffnotes

Luc Ponti is a sixteen-year old star basketball player who successfully wins an important tiebreaking game for the Palo Alto Vikings with a three-pointer during the last few seconds of the game. While this would be cause for celebration typically, he is injured by a member of the opposing team at the exact same time. This injury will lead to life changing experiences for him, especially since the injury led him experience a near-death experience.

After dying for several minutes and coming back to life, Luc finds himself developing superpowers. He can now travel through time, read minds, and retain a tremendous amount of information. These new powers he begins pulling pranks, but he realizes that his new powers are putting increasing demands on his life. It is even starting to interfere with his dream of athletic stardom. As he realizes he is learning more and more he finds people along the way who help him to find a path to even higher dreams. Isabella and Eric, friends who have also developed superpowers after their own medical emergencies, and a Buddhist monk names Thay, who begins working as his spiritual advisor. The CIA are trying to force Luc to work for the government, but he will find himself trying to understand himself and also contend with his new powers and what they mean for his life.

I Can See Clearly takes the idea of a superhero story uses the spiritual and metaphysical to examin how altered states can create real-life magic and revelations. This is the first in the series and works to establish those who have powers through life changing situations. It is not only a story of a teenager with superpowers, but someone who is trying to find their purpose in life. James A. Cusumano has crafted a narrative that elevates the superhero story though the use of the metaphysical and is still able to craft a thrilling read. You can get your copy of I Can See Clearly today.


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