Gift of Diamonds Book Review from @kleffnotes

Roberta Seret is President and Founder of the NGO at the United Nations and the director of Advanced English and Film at the United Nations for the Hospitality Committee. In her role she educates and does a great deal of research, which has helped her to create a story that blends the world of performance with real life political events. Gift of Diamonds is the first in her Transylvania Trilogy that follows a young woman on a dangerous adventure.

Mica, an aspiring actress, finds herself having to flee from Communist Romania in 1965 after her parents are arrested by the Secret Police. Suddenly alone, she must run and as she tries to get out she tries to protect her father’s rare, and possibly cursed, diamonds. She will need to investigate the terrorisms of Nicolae Ceausescu as well as his nuclear business partners. In her attempt to find safety she makes her way to the American Embassy in Budapest, Hungary. Finding herself all alone for the first time ever. As she finds out more, she is worried that sharing the secrets she knows might lead to repercussions. The diamonds in particular are a secret that she fears could be dangerous, which is that they were owned by Auschwitz prisoners and may have been kept by Dr. Mengele. She hopes that the diamonds will allow her safe passage to America and then for her parents. After she sells them, everything shifts. As the story evolves we watch Mica contending with dangerous forces that she never expected.

Seret has used her knowledge to create a story that feels very real and while it is fiction, it is something that you will connect with easily. Mica is young woman, but she is trying her hardest to survive and dealing with dangerous forces that could impact her family. The love she has for her family is beautiful and continues to push her even when things seem tremendously dire. If you are looking for a well written historical fiction work this is a standout choice. You can find out more about Gift of Diamonds on the official Transylvanian Trilogy website.

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