The Brass Queen Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Brass Queen is the debut novel of Elizabeth Chatsworth that is the perfect read for fans of the steampunk genre. I have been, and still am, of that particular genre though I feel as though it may have had a larger pool of readers or at least a bit more press as a genre in previous years. Perhaps it was the pandemic or perhaps the desires of the larger population shifted, somehow I feel like I began seeing more future stories with sleek lines and wires instead of gears and the allure of steam in the past couple of years, but I digress. Whether you have enjoyed steam punk before or are curious about the genre and thought this would be a good stepping on point this is something you should check out.

Miss Constance Haltwhistle is a blue-blooded rogue of a a long ling of blue-blooded rogues. As the last of her line she has been working to keep her estate under the alias Brass Queen. This work might be less than aboveboard, but when a US spy named J.F. Trusdale saves her from assassins she winds up involved in a search for a mysterious invisibility serum. Working with Trusdale she hunts for this scientist in order to try and stop an invisible army being created to start a global war. The two seeming adversaries will have to learn to trust each other and work to stop invisible evil forces from changing the entire world.

Humor and romance are key elements of this story. With action focused on Constance and Trusdale working together readers will find themselves rooting for this couple and pulled into their growing relationship. This book reminds me of what I love about the steampunk genre. The blend of fun moments with the creative world of steam powered technology is so engaging. You will feel pulled into the world quickly and it will continue to keep you within the world until the very end. Chatsworth has created a fun read that is enjoyable from start to finish. I am very hopeful for more from her in the future. You can get your copy of The Brass Queen today.


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