The Spinster and the Rake Book Review from @kleffnotes

I felt it would be remiss to now have some romance reviews for readers before Valentine’s Day. The Spinster and the Rake is a historical romance novel that you might recognize as a bit of a bodice ripper. Whether you are a fan of romance typically or not February is the perfect month to pick up something with that romantic flair.

Edward Stanhope is the Duke of Thornfield and likes to keep his life in a certain order. He enjoys the company of his dog, a good book, and a strong drink. This is all he really feels the need for, but one day he finds a woman in his library and when he tries to insist she leave and stop petting his dog the tone shifts. A steamy kiss ensues and this could ruin them both. After that moment his aunt arrives and announces Miss Georgiana Bly is the future Duchess. Much like Edward, Georgiana was fine letting herself become a spinster spending her days reading and working to keep her family out of debt. She now has to spend her days locked away with Edward learning how to be the perfect duchess. While she never thought she would be with someone like Edward she can feel a desire growing and while the two are growing closer she wonders if she will be able to melt his icy demeanor.

This romance is one that reminds me a bit of Beauty and the Beast, though Edward is not cursed to live a life in exile in a beastly form. He has a certain life he wishes to keep, but with a wife now put into his life there are different forces at play. Georgiana had never expected to marry and would have been fine in her own life of solitude as well, but that changes with Edward. While he may not have wanted to change his life there is romance there burning beneath the surface of their connection. The kiss that started it all is something that stays as a sort of slow burning flame fanning a larger relationship. If you like a slow burn with the trimmings of a regency romance The Spinster and the Rake should be on your must read list. You can get your copy today.

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