Club 42 Book Review from @kleffnotes

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to let yourself read something you wouldn’t typically read or to indulge the type of books you might not read that often. Club 42 is a new book by Joanna Angel, who is a powerhouse in the adult entertainment/erotica industry. Following in the writing style of her first book, Night Shift, Club 42 is a choose your own erotic fantasy that is a perfect steamy read for the holiday.

Naomi is the reader’s vessel in this story and is the person you will be following throughout the course of the adventure. She is a proud Brooklyn hipster who winds up wandering into a strip club, Club 42, after being fired from her barista job. She chooses to audition to be a dancer and from that point you get to choose what happens next. You will be privy to her day job and to the education she is receiving at Club 42. Certain elements you can choose will be whether she keeps her knew job a secret, if she begins to experiment as a Dominatrix. You control what happens next in this immersive and erotic read.

Angel does not disappoint and her writing truly embraces being open to anything. As you get to choose what happens you also get to influence the journey of the character, meaning that whoever reads this and whatever choices they make will change the story. Now you can always go back and change your choices to see what would have happened. Her writing is very definitely the sort of steamy read that you probably shouldn’t bring to work or pull up at your work from home job, but that is entirely up to you. If you are looking for interesting erotica this is a read you need. You can get your copy of Club 42 today.

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