My Love: An LGBTQ+ Short Review from @kleffnotes

From the writer of the fantastic sci-fi series, Passage, Hillary Esquina recently debuted a Valentine’s Day short. My Love stars Mandahla Rose (BIFL, All About E) and Sarah Durham (Marry Christmas) as Kay and Rose. Directed by Christie Conochalla (Forever Not Maybe) and Jessica Harcourt this short falls in under the five minute mark, but even though it may be short it is full of romance.

Set on Valentine’s Day in the 1960s, we see a casually domestic day in the life of Kay and Rose. They are just living together and through a voiceover we hear them recounting when they first met and fell in love. The inflection of their voices adds to the beautiful tone of this story and you feel the love between these two characters. We hear their meet cute moment and about an even where Rose fought for Kay during a demonstration. Rose is an actor I have seen in a number of roles, and she is always able to encapsulate each of these characters in a way that I always feel that she is this new person.

Durham’s performance also emits love and when Rose and Kay inhabit the same space the chemistry that they are able to present to the camera is so heartwarming. My Love may be brief, but with Esquina’s script and Conochalla and Harcourt’s direction, paired with the performance of the two actors it creates a perfect Valentine’s Day moment. While I am posting this a bit late I think this is a perfect watch at any time, especially if you are looking for a short and very sweet queer watch. You can watch My Love on LesFlicks and Reel Women’s Network now.


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