The Things We Leave Unfinished Book Review from @kleffnotes

Rebecca Yarros is back with another beautiful and emotionally evolved story, The Things We Leave Unfinished. When two lives become connected through the story of another person, they find themselves trying to see what could be. If you are looking for a romantic read with a reluctant to love lead you should consider pre-ordering Yarros’ latest work.

Georgia Stanton is just twenty-eight and has been forced to start over. After a brutal divorce she has left her New York house and her friends to come back to her great-grandmother’s estate in Colorado. Nursing her wounded pride she finds herself forced to deal with an author whose books are the sort of thing she has no interest in right now. With nearly kissing people all over their covers, Noah Harrison’s authorial persona have him appearing arrogant and this good-looking author who writes love stories is definitely not who she would have picked to finish her grandmother’s final novel. Noah is at the pinnacle of his career and he seems like he can’t do any wrong. When he learns that his idol, Scarlett Stanton, left an unfinished work he is excited to take on the project. The issue is that Georgia is making sure that he knows how much she does not want him to be working on this book.

Georgia and Noah find themselves both reading Scarlet’s manuscript and a box of letters that it turns out are key to the book. She had been writing a romance that was based on her real life, but the ending was less than happy. With this knowledge and her recent divorce, Georgia has no interest in falling in love and even with a connection growing with Noah she tries to push it away. Even if this choice could ruin Noah’s career she is determined to learn from the mistakes of the past. Will this leave her as happy as she hopes? With the story moving between Noah and Georgia readers will see both sides of the relationship and gain a strong understanding of what lies inside the hearts of the main characters. If you are looking for a well crafted and delightful romance The Things We Leave Unfinished is the book you need. You can pre-order it today, it releases on 2/23/21.

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