A Night at the Dreslen Book Review from @kleffnotes

Stephanie McBain is a screenwriter and director who you might recognize from the holiday movies A Kiss on Candy Cane Lane or Hashtag Blessed. When 2020 was leading to shut downs throughout the industry she was concerned that she might not be able to shoot anything and decided to try something new. McBain took a previously unproduced script and reverse engineered it into a YA Novella.

A Night at the Dreslen is a coming of age story with young love at the core. Oliver is a young and talented artist with a bit of shy side and a mild case of OCD. As he tries to find his place in life he meets Stella, a free-spirited young woman who is full of positive energy and has a powerful love of life. After a move Oliver and Stella connect and they experience four seasons of love, friendship, laughter, and adventure. Will they grow together as they are both making their way in life or will they find themselves growing apart?

If you love teen romance this read feels like something both familiar and inventive. It fits so well into the genre of teen romance, which you would expect from a movie or feature, but as a novella it has translated beautifully. McBain has used the pressures of 2020 to take a script and turn it into a well written story. This read brings together two of my favorite types of characters in teen reads, the nerdy/artsy guy and the bubbly and energetic girl. I loved this read and if you like YA or teen reads you should get a copy of A Night at the Dreslen.

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