A Tale of Two Blue Milks from @kleffnotes

With zero trips to Galaxy’s Edge under our belts, Krista and I don’t really have a basis for comparing Blue Milks to something in Batuu. While we haven’t had that experience yet there have been so many people trying out recipes at home. This was sort of a bigger thing during the early days of quarantine, but recently with our Star Wars marathon I have wanted to give it a try. The two recipes I found are both Disney shared, but are very different from each other and let me tell you they were not what I expected at all.

The first recipe I tried was from the Galaxy’s Edge Cookbook and was specifically Blue Bantha Chai. The recipe was supposed to involve rice milk, but nowhere in all of my city has that so I used oatmilk. This one uses a milk base, blue butterfly pea tea, and a lot of spices. There is also a thickener in it, arrowroot powder, which I honestly had never even hear of before. I thought this would be a fun cold and snowy day attempt so I had milk and teabags on the stove with everything added for a while. It did look a bit blue, not as blue as I expected, and while it looked fun in the cup it did not go over well. Krista hated it right away and while I drank the rest of it the flavors were just odd. She thought the spices were too heavy and I kept thinking all I could taste is oatmilk. I am not a fan of drinking milk so that might have been a mental thing. With that fail already having happened I thought I should try a recipe I had seen more prominently online.

Blue Bantha Chai in a Galaxy’s Edge mug sitting on top of the open recipe pages in the Galaxy’s Edge cookbook

A few months ago Walt Disney World News Today shared a recipe that was supposed to be a dupe of the official Galaxy’s Edge Blue Milk. Again I couldn’t find rice milk, but I could find the correct coconut milk. I doubled up on that and ordered dragonfruit extract online. I though did not have blue dye and tried to make it work with some extra blue tea, but in the pictures I have below you will see that this didn’t work at all. This one involves fruit and milk mixed with that extract. This one was quick to make, but looked like a strawberry smoothie, though no strawberries were in it. I had Krista try it first, mostly because again I am not a huge milk fan, and she took a small sip, said no, and handed it back to me. It was just so bizarre, like a weird fruit smoothie that tasted really wrong. I realized this was the recipe that a YouTube channel I watch, Ordinary Adventures, did and they also had the same negative experience.

Image of blender with milk, pineapple, watermelon, and proof of blue tea at the top
Very pink blended results visible in a teal Mandalorian tiki mug

Sadly it looks like we are going to have to wait to try Blue Milk until we are able to travel again, but in the interim I have gotten a fun recipe variation that involves oat milk, honey, and the blue tea, which sounds more my speed. Another channel I watch, Always Believe, did a blue milk hot chocolate, but I don’t really like white chocolate and that was the base flavor. I plan to give the milky tea a try though and with a positive endorsement of it already I think it will be the best choice. Let me know if you’ve tried any of these recipes or any other Blue Milk variations because I would like to know if anyone has been successful.

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