The Poet Book Review from @kleffnotes

Lisa Renee Jones has created a modern thriller that is designed to keep you guessing. The Poet releases on March 9th and introduces readers to a frightening killer who has a unique calling card. With the element of mystery constantly there you will eagerly trying to figure out the who and the why behind these terrible deaths.

The Poet is the first in the planned Samantha Jazz series. This might be the first book, but it can be read as a standalone. It will though prepare you for the thrills and dangers that Samantha constantly has to contend with. This first novel is tied to her position as the lead detective in a violent serial killer case. The Poet is the name this killer has been given by the media and that seems to be all that matters to him. After each of his kills he leaves a poem that is as dark and mysterious as the reason behind the victim he chooses. Samantha Jazz is the only one who can decode this mystery because this killer is writing this story for her.

This thriller is both frightening and completely engrossing. Once you start reading The Poet you will want to keep reading until the very last page. Samantha Jazz is a great protagonist for crime and thriller fans and as you see her trying to solve the case you will feel so tied to her. The killer looms large throughout and you will want to help solve the mystery even just as a reader. The Poet is a story that hooks you and I look forward to seeing more of this lead character in the future. You can pre-order your copy today.

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