Fatal Intent Book Review from @kleffnotes

If you are looking for a new thrilling mystery, Fatal Intent, is something that you should pick up. Dr. Euliano is a practicing anesthesiologist and tenured professor of anesthesiology at the University of Florida, she used that knowledge to craft a story with a doctor at the helm. This thriller is something that will hook you and keep you reading.

Dr. Kate Downey is an anesthesiologist and when she realizes that after minor surgeries her elderly patients have been dying at home mere days later she wants to know why. She is confounded by the surgeon’s lack of interest and when she pushes him, he places all the blame on her. This results on her being placed on probation, with the chief of staff siding with the surgeon, Charles Ricken. With them against her she knows she has to prove her own innocence and save her career. With the help of her aunt, a medical student, and the son, who happens to be a lawyer, of one of the victims. As she gets closer to the truth professional intimidation and threats to her life culminate in the death of someone close to her. With the stakes continuing to rise, Kate finds herself under intense pressure, especially when she is forced to choose between saving loved ones and who will be sacrificed.

I love mysteries and in particular mysteries with a female lead. Dr. Downey is such a great character and I was excited to be able to follow her journey through this mystery. She is able to handle the mounting pressure and has so much thrown at her that she has to constantly adapt. I think a lot of thriller fans, especially those who enjoy medical thrillers, will really enjoy this read. I even think that those who might not typically read a thriller, but enjoy medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy would enjoy this book. You can get your copy of Fatal Intent today.


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