Kingdom of Ink and Paper Book Review from @kleffnotes

Kingdom of Ink and Paper is a book that is perfect for anyone who grew up loving Pagemaster or if you are just a book nerd who has always wished the stories you loved were true. This Young Adult read is a book that will have you pushing your imagination along with the main character. Loving books is definitely a prerequisite for enjoying this book.

Will Morgan doesn’t expect to witness a murder, much less the death of the bestselling novelist Arthur O’Neill. His school trip to Boston will lead him to realize that the writer’s books are more than just words. A mysterious package arrives for Will, a copy of The Redstone Keep, one of O’Neill’s famous novels. While he is reading the book, Will passes out and is introduced to Tam Desmond. Tam is the protagonist of the book and explains that there is a completely different world known as the World of the Written where every story ever created comes to life. Arthur’s death was tied to this world and now Will is in trouble himself. As he sets out to try and solve the mystery, he begins to realize there may be something more sinister at play.

This is the first book in the Betwixt and Between series and it is a fantastic start for a series. Will is not expecting this world and as someone who enjoyed The Magicians for the most part, I found myself feeling similar elements of excitement while I was reading this book. I have always loved stories and the concept of every written story coming to life is so much fun for me to imagine. If you are looking for a fun and imaginitive read this is one you should pick up. You can get your copy of Kingdom of Ink and Paper today.

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