Virtual Mirrors Series Review from @kleffnotes

Virtual Mirrors is a five part series by Crystal Raven, which is the Avatar of renowned healer Adora Winquist. She has an innate desire to be a guiding force in the awakening of the Divine Feminine by encouraging women on a global level to find new levels of personal empowerment. In the Virtual Mirrors series she infuses realism into her writing in order to create what she feels is a truly authentic story for her lead character Gemma. As we follow the journey of this character throughout the series we are shown her growth out of the repression of the technologically dominated society she lives in.

First Journal, which is the first book in the series, introduces readers to Gemma Sullivan who is someone who seems to have it all. While she might have status, beauty, intelligence, and wealth she doesn’t have an equal counterpart. She wants someone who is equal to her in every way and that person seems impossible to find. She feels like she is restricted in her journey by the means people use to find a partner and when she is invited to an exclusive sex club she hopes that maybe this will be the moment. Even with so many people, even artificial people, and pleasures, Gemma finds nothing and decides that if the man she wants does not exist she will create him.

As the story of Virtual Mirrors continues through the remaining four journals we watch Gemma programming and crafting a robotic companion, but learning that her work could ultimately undermine her. In her work she does build an alliance with an enigmatic and handsome man, Armory Drake, who seems almost perfect. We watch a society crumble and Gemma evolve and shed elements of her character and knowledge change. In the final story she will have to face off against her nemesis and determine if the connection she felt to Armory is truly there.

The Virtual Mirrors series is a blend of science fiction and romance with Gemma as a vital element to the reader’s own journey of discovery. We are shown her emotional growth and the quest she has in finding someone that she truly feels connected to. While yes, a majority of the series focuses on her creating this person we do see relationship built and how her desire grow to a new level. She is discovery herself and also discovering what she wants. Virtual Mirrors is an empowering series that blends genres in a way that creates something new and inviting. You can get all five journals in the Virtual Mirrors series today.

One thought on “Virtual Mirrors Series Review from @kleffnotes

  1. This is without a doubt the best series I have read all year! Sexy science fiction, plus action, adventure, intrigue, and even humor. I couldn’t put it down and I even learned about history. Heck, there’s even decent poetry too. Crystal Raven exceeded my expectations!


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