Worldship Files: Morrigan Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Worldship Files is back with a new book in the series, Worldship Files: Morrigan. For those who might have missed my other reviews, this is a mystical and science fiction blended story. When the world was threatened by destruction from the expanding sun the preternatural races joined together with humans to create a Worldship, Leviathan, which took them one thousand years to build. With so many different types of civilizations living together there are often tensions and mysterious events to be solved.

The Worldship has been adding wayward Cityships to their fleet. The issue with adding new ships is that it has become very apparent that they don’t have enough materials and supplies to make it to their new home. If they don’t find a source of materials they could have to sacrifice thousands. Knith has been put in charge of a small volunteer mission to head offworld and find a new heart for the Leviathan. As the first human to set foot on a new world at first there is wonder and excitement, until the mission shifts to a fight for survival.

This series is always so much fun to read and I love the blend of fairy magic and the sci-fi world of space and survival. I have loved delving into the world and with each book Erik Schubach expands what you know in such a well done way. If you like paranormal mystery or the fantastic blended with the ideas of more traditional science fiction this series is the perfect choice. You can get your copy of Worldship Files: Morrigan today.

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