Facets of April Book Review from @kleffnotes

Facets of April is a science fiction inspired read set after the melting of the polar ice caps known as The Thaw. The Corporations took over the flooded zones and created virtual utopias over the great cities of the past. With the past hidden beneath the waves a new society has evolved. April Yates is starting a new chapter in her life and while she thought starting college would be the biggest change, something happens that is even more life altering.

April Yale will be starting college in the stilted mega-city of Greater York. She will be studying programming and robotics for the Frame. The massive worldwide information net hosts countless Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality locations. On her first day, April’s father vanishes and the corporation agents and military begin asking her questions about him. They claim he has stolen top secret experimental military technology. She and her professor, Dr. Adya Konda go on a search to find her father, which will span the Frame and the mega-metropolis. With all of this searching April may find herself discovering more truths than she ever expected.

While I love Erik Shubach’s more fantasy based stories, his creation of a post apocalyptic world in Facets of April is so well done that I don’t miss the fantasy. He has created a well developed world that makes sense and is something I could imagine happening should our world be changed by a cataclysmic environmental event. The story is thrilling and is just a delight to read. Much like all of his other books I was immediately hooked and loved every minute. You can get your copy of Facets of April today.

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