Inhuman Book Review from @kleffnotes

Inhuman is the debut novel by veteran Eric Leland who took his positive attitude and his own knowledge has been able to create a story that is full of realistic characters and elements that will really draw in readers. With a story that is set in South Vietnam in the year 1969 readers will be transported back in time. While you feel immersed in the true life elements of this story the supernatural will excite you and add a sense of the unknown to what you are reading.

Captain Brandon Doran is on his way to a Top-Secret military base and has been made a special offer. A shadowy operative tells him that they will erase his tarnished military records, but he must make sure that a recon team follows all orders. This sounds easy, but the issue is that there is so much that he doesn’t know. Sergeant First Class John Nicholas and the Elite Recon Team New York alongside Captain Brandon wind up deep in North Vietnam working to rescue Recon Team Florida. They have gone missing and when they intercept radio traffic they learn that something has frightened even the hardened North Vietnamese Army. During a midnight insertion behind enemy lines they learn that a merciless demon stalks the night. When John shoots it he learns that this was possibly the worst thing to do.

This story shows the New York team finding an ally in a young novice of magic named Jaran. She is the only thing that can protect them from the evil that is lurking in the shadows. The men must determine if they are willing to make the sacrifice of becoming as inhuman as what stalks them. Inhuman is not an easy read and much of the story does involve some elements that may trigger readers. That being said Leland has written a strong and frightening story that horror readers will flock to. This is a book you should read with the lights on and will leave you unsettled. You can get your copy of Inhuman today.

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