Love Odyssey Book Review from @kleffnotes

The second book in the Transylvanian Trilogy, Love Odyssey, releases tomorrow and before the book releases I wanted to share my thoughts. This historical fiction book started off strong and this second book continues to add to the powerful story of Anca. I should lead by saying that this is a series where it is best if you read the preceding book first before you check out this new addition.

After escaping from communist Romania, Anca Rodescu finds herself abandoned and pregnant. She is completely alone in America and the man she loves is gone. As time passes and Ceausescu is at the height of his dictatorship, change begins to come to Romania. Anca is then drawn back to Romania with mysterious letters from her past and there she finds the man she thought she would never see again. In this story of love and forgiveness we see this all happening in the war-torn theater of Romania.

Love Odyssey is a story of love and loss due to political influence. With her use of both fictional and real historical figures the story feels true. If you did not know this was fiction it would feel like someone’s real life unfolding before you. Anca’s love is what pushes her to save the man she thought she had lost and even though almost twenty years has passed she still loves him. If you are looking for an inspiring and well written love story you should pre-order your copy of Love Odyssey today.


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