Preternatural: Evolution Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Preternatural Trilogy has a second book releasing on April 15th and in preparation for the release I wanted to share how this new story ties into the first book. The series focuses on the town of Meadowsville, which is home of the most popular urban myth figure, Mr. Smith. This vampire like entity rules over the town through slaughter and upholding long standing traditions that maintain his control over the town. When an unlikely alliance is made to combat the threat of this monster the town and everyone there is changed forever.

The new addition to the series, Preternatural Book Two Evolution is set fifteen years after the events of the first book. The vampire Blackheart has been defeated and Meadowsville is now desolate. Alexandra has returned to the town to try and take over her father’s church while continuing to struggle to find her true purpose. With a shaky level of loyalty between her and the unstable town antihero who destroyed Blackheart and the continued pull of Blackheart’s influence she will have to face her own traumas and insecurities. Alexandra must gather fight as the only hope Meadowsville has to try and save the soul of this doomed town.

This is a book that takes the ideas of supernatural horror and combines them with the dark inner workings of the mind. Peter Topside has delved into the darkest corners of his own mind to craft a story that showcases fighting back against a force that wants to pull you down. Alexandra is the perfect example of someone working through her own journey to try and save others. You can find out more about the series and the upcoming new book, Preternatural Book Two Evolution you can find the series on Goodreads.

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