Anyone Else Wish It Was Halloween?

I know it is only March, but I keep wishing it was Halloween. It is my absolute favorite holiday in general, but for some reason this year I just keep wishing it was closer to October. I thought I would share some of the things I’ve been doing in my current desire to will it to be Halloween.

One of the things that oddly is getting me into the mood for Halloween is that fact that for part of March I have been taking part in a Disney Bound Challenge on Instagram. While most of the looks aren’t particularly complicated or costumey, I have still been making themed outfits and taking pictures. This has been a lot of fun and today’s theme is one of the one’s I am most excited for. It involves witchy style so I am channeling some of my favorite Disney witches today.

Beyond the bounding that has been getting me in a costume mood, I have been deep diving onYouTube for Halloween themed videos and shows. I have found quite a few Tim Tracker videos from various horror events and have been creating playlists that I can watch sporadically throughout the day. While I know some other videos exist, Tim Tracker is a channel with a lot of content from prior to 2020 when Halloween events were cancelled or altered throughout the US. I also have been thinking about pulling out some horror movies, though I haven’t officially decided on any of the ones that I want to sit down and watch.

The one downside of all of this is that I also want fall food, like Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew and food in the shape of spooky things. I do have some Christmas Reese’s left and I suppose I can just pretend the tree shaped is something more frightening. I don’t know why this year I am so eagerly awaiting Halloween, even more so than normal. Maybe this is because I am hoping that things will be open this year and Krista and I will be able to take part in some events. Nothing too frightening, I may love Halloween, but I am not a fan of being scared so I’m not really a big haunted house or trail person. I will watch tons of horror movies, but if I have to be in a scary location I am not fun.

Is anyone else looking forward to Halloween or any holiday more so than normal this year? Let me know!

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