Ruthless Women Book Review from @kleffnotes

Love soap operas and daytime TV dramas? Then Ruthless Women is a book you need to check out. On this trip behind the scenes of Falcon Bay, a fictional soap opera created for this story, readers will be made privy to all the drama and scandal that lives in the real world outside of the series. This won’t be out until April 1st, but this is a book you’ll be eager to pre-order.

Filmed in the picturesque Channel Islands, Falcon Bay is a beloved TV drama that has been seen by millions three days a week. The issue is that this once popular show has fallen into a slump and to try and bring it back up the production has been sold. American businesswoman Madeline Kane is the new network owner and is now on site trying to get the numbers to where they used to be. Three women who are vital to Falcon Bay are trying to keep the show on the road, but are being met with forces that are causing them to feel pushed away from thriving.

Farrah is a writer and has been taken off episodes and replaced by a male rival. Star Catherine is constantly worried that the public will no longer like her and Amanda, a producer, is contending with a plot by her evil husband to throw her off the show. Everyone feels the tension and cast and crew begin turning again each other. The need to survive pushes everyone to the limit with the core three women having to fight against their male rivals and in a shocking climax we will see that only the most ruthless woman will make it through.

This is such the perfect read for anyone that likes daytime TV. The thrill of this story reminded me a bit of the series Unreal, though that focuses on a reality show and not a soap opera. Ruthless Women is tremendously dramatic and full of intrigue. The drama is fantastically created and will keep you hooked You can pre-order your copy of Ruthless Women today.

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