The Last Carolina Sister from @kleffnotes

As the title may indicate, The Last Carolina Sister, is the third and last book in The Magnolia Sisters series. Much like the previous books in the series you can read this as a standalone if you have not yet checked out the rest of the series. This is the cozy sort of read that is perfect for either a cold day, if you are still experiencing the joys of winter, or as a nice escape from the stress of your day to day life.

Magnolia, North Carolina is a place where love might be waiting just right next door. Meredith Ventner’s temporary new neighbor is a successful and gorgeous doctor, but there is more to his appearance. There is a deep hurt in Ryan Sorensen’s soul and this hurt is what draws Meredith to him. She is the youngest and often seen as the most likely to always be single sister of the famous Magnolia Sisters, well famous in terms of this town. She has been committed to expanding the animal shelter on her newly inherited farm and she doesn’t have time for a man.

Ryan has been living in this small town for about a month and is hoping after this time he will be able to return to his busy ER. He had injured his leg, but that pain is not nearly as enduring as the guilt he feels from a tragedy he can’t forget. Meredith though is leading him to question his priorities. With his future coming into view is this town changing his life and opening his heart in a way that he can embrace?

This is such a fun read and much like the other books in the series my best comparison would be to a Hallmark movie. The tone is so bright and happy, but with some tension from the internal issues that the lead characters are experiencing as they try and overcome their own issues on their journey to each other. This is something that is easy to read and will have you feeling happy at the end. You can get your copy of The Last Carolina Sister tomorrow, but you can pre-order it today.

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